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"HG", as we are commonly known, was formed in 1997 and we are "Virtual Pilots" dedicated to online flight simulation gaming. Proudly serving in FighterAce®. Enjoyment of the game, teamwork, and the company of our Squad Mates are our primary objectives. We fly Bombers, Fighters, and Transports; executing coordinated attack, bombing, and occupation missions.


If this is your first visit, browse around our site. See where we've been, who we are, and where we will go in the future. If you hold the same team values of gaming dedication, teamwork, and squad camaraderie, you just might become the next "Hired Gun". 


Don't have Fighter Ace?  You can download the current full version of the game in the Fighter Ace Downloads section of this web site.  There are also tutorials for downloading and installing TeamSpeak, a voice over the internet communication software used by the Hired Guns in game.


We also have technical support links to help you with computer issues as well as an online store where you can purchase HG Brand wear, Fighter Ace gear and also items from some of our squadron members.

Fighter Aces Closes
Written by Kenneth Strohm   

Countdown to August 1

After being online for thirteen years, Fighter Ace will close the hangar doors as of August 1 as Mark Vange announced at the 2010 East Coast Convention and in a forum post to the community.  Mark Vange said "For many of you, Fighter Ace has been a 13-year journey of friendship and learning. For me, Fighter Ace has been a 20-year saga of hard work, fascinating friendships, world travel and an unmatched education in things both technical and philosophical. Like all good things, though, Fighter Ace must come to a close.  This does mean, however, that we have a very special and close knit community. We’ve been through a lot together; while flying our way through the friendly skies of FA, we've seen three wars and two economic melt-downs. We've seen children born and children enter adulthood, we've even seen some adults becoming children; and we've seen many good friends pass away.

Like them, Fighter Ace will fade into memory on August first of this year. We will stop selling 3 and 6 month subscriptions on Monday, April 19. We will stop selling 1-month subscriptions 2 months later, on June 19. We will refund the balance of any 6-month subscribers as of July 19. July 19th we will begin a 12-day alumni period as our thank-you to all current and former Fighter Ace players and will shut down the servers on August 1. The bottom line is that the game is losing money and shedding players. It requires a major investment in infrastructure and development to make current, and there is no possible way that such an investment could be made back."

This does not mean that the Fighter Ace Community has to disappear.  In order to keep our community together I have created a new forum to take the place of the FA forums once they are shut down.  This way no matter where we go after the game is gone we can stay together.  This is just phase one of a larger project.  I am in the process of re-creating the Air Combat Wiki and will host it on my servers.  A lot of time and effort has went into the Wiki and I do not want to see it lost, including the Fallen Comrades, Aircreaft Museum and others.  The new forum can be found at  I am also working on a new web site to pull all these things and more into one place to be accessed by the FA community.

As more becomes available I will let you know.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 24 April 2010 17:55 )
The Movies

Check out "The Movies" link on the left for some of our favorite movies, including Frank Capras "Why We Fight" Series.  They can be watched on the web site using Internet Explorer.  New movies are added all the time so come back often.

Assembling the 8th AF for a Mission


        Leslie A. Lennox
        Lt./Col. USAF (ret)
        Of all the stories that have been written, and movies that have been shown, about the 8th Air Force, very little attention has been given to what was involved in assembling 1200 B-17's and B-24's each day, to get them in formation to carry out a strike against Germany.  Certainly showing bombers under attack by fighters, or encountering heavy flak, was a reality, and are interesting to watch. Also, stories about some of the rougher missions make interesting reading.  But what was going on over England, each morning, could get just as scary to the crews as the time spent over some of the targets.  The planning, and coordination, that had to be accomplished during the night, by the operations planners of each Group, so that the crews could be briefed, was unbelievable.  If the planners had failed to do their jobs properly, there would have been a free for all among Bomb Groups, in the skies over England. The rendezvous points, altitude, and times had to be precise, and known by all of the crews, before the Eighth Air Force could get in formation. The success of the planners, in accomplishing their mission, enabled the Eighth Air Force to become the most powerful air armada ever assembled.  In my view, how this was accomplished is one of the major untold stories of the war.        

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